David Gazdowicz
In my current body of work, my goal is to re-contextualize and reinterpret my childhood memories, giving them a new foothold in contemporary culture, as well as providing a physical permanence to the ephemerality of memory and nostalgia.
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Teaching Philosophy

It is my goal as an instructor to help my students understand the potential within them.  I strongly believe that any student making a commitment to learning has the ability to gain, not only momentary knowledge, but lifelong understanding.  Teaching, for me, represents a pledge to gain strength through self improvement, not only skill based improvement but interpersonal improvement as well.  I strive to teach my students how to learn.  It is my hope that they will leave my class ready to search out solutions and solve problems creatively on their own, outside of a classroom.  

As a student, I have not always been as studious as I am now, but I have always had a passion for knowledge.  I have had many different schooling experiences. Some good, some bad, some life altering and some I would rather not relive.  I feel that it is important to use my experiences in a way that will allow me to build constructive learning environments for each individual that graces my classroom.  From my experiences as a student I understand how frustrating it can be to have to fit into strict learning parameters when all I want to do is express myself in a way that might challenge the scope of an assignment.  I work extremely hard to provide an environment for my students that encourages such thinking.  I find that students learn more from working on a project that not only stimulates and challenges them but also excites them on a personal level.  I believe that as artists or craftspeople we must put a little of ourselves into everything that we make.  A student who is allowed to help guide their outcome rather than one who is forced into a rigid framework, tends to be a student who gains more from the experience.

Teaching creativity can sometimes feel a little abstract.  It is different for everyone, and I personally don't believe that there is one correct way to be creative. However, I also believe that there are ways to cultivate creativity and help it mature within a student.  Opening your mind to new experiences, not dismissing ideas you might not quickly understand, devotion to hard work,  laughing, loving, and living are a few of the guidelines I follow.  Of course every student will find their own way to grow their creativity.  I simply want to help these students discover their own path to expanding their creative understanding.

Along with creativity, I also strive to instruct my students on a technical level. It is of utmost importance that students matriculating through my courses gain a broad understanding of the technical considerations required to create work of the highest level.  Technology is changing at an ever increasing rate.  It is essential that students understand this and that they are aware that the process of honing their technical skills does not stop after their schooling is done.

In order to create an environment conducive to education I try to understanding student needs on a personal level.  I give them the personal attention that fosters an open line of communication and discussion about the work they are producing and the goals they are working towards. I hope that within my classroom I am able to help each student to feel comfortable talking about their personal needs and creative endeavors.  I believe that it is essential to the growth of a students work to be able to discuss their artistic and creative decisions as they relate to the individual desired outcome.  

Above all, I love learning.  I love teaching, and I want nothing more than to help others understand and reach their full potential.  I strive to do this by helping my students cultivate their creativity, grow their technical skills and gain confidence speaking about their creative and artistic decisions.  As cliche as it sounds, if I can help shape one students life for the better I will have done my job.  Of course, I strive to help shape every student I have the pleasure of working with.

David Gazdowicz