David Gazdowicz
In my current body of work, my goal is to re-contextualize and reinterpret my childhood memories, giving them a new foothold in contemporary culture, as well as providing a physical permanence to the ephemerality of memory and nostalgia.
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2D Design

Backlit images, installed in custom light boxes. 18x24, digital prints on translucent stock. Image 1: "Trickle Down" Image 2: Weapons of Defense
This set was designed for my MFA thesis exhibition April 2014.

The Travel Book was produced as an experiment with design interaction. The premise of the book was to create a non-digital interactive experience for the user. The book was layed out using a color key that would require the reader to match shades of color to the pages in the book in order to decifer the information related to that color. For example, if you matched a shade of pink you would find out that Tokyo is the capitol of Japan and matching a slightly darker shade would let you decifer that the population of Japan is 34,615,000.

The resulting book was perfect bound for distribution with a limitied number printed and packaged in hand crafted boxes as loose sheets.

A series of retro style 3d illustrations, designed with Cinema 4D.

"Digihunk" Digital Illustration "Party Maker" Digital Illustration
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